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Welcome to my website Through A Lens Clearly.

My name is Phil Smith and I am a hobbyist photographer living with my family in Surrey in the South East of England, UK.

I became interested in photography as a teenager long before the digital age where I would use film or slide to take photographs with an Olympus SLR camera.   I was an early adopter to digital camera technology, starting initially with a Nikon digital compact camera and then progressing to Nikon digital SLRs as the technology matured and became more affordable to amateur photographers.

I currently shoot with a Nikon D750 and various Nikon prime and non-prime lenses.  I manage and process my images using Adobe Lightroom but also make use of Adobe Photoshop and Skylum Aurora HDR for editing and creative effect where necessary.

My main interest is in landscape and travel photography but I like to experiment with other types of photography such as still life and macro photography.

I take photos purely for pleasure and the challenge of capturing the best image I can.  Having been in the fortunate position to take early retirement at the end of 2016, I now have more time available to devote to my hobby.

I hope you enjoy looking through my photo galleries and if you would like to say hello or send me any feedback or comments then just click on the Say Hello link above.

Thanks for looking.


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